Four Essential Vegan Travel Tips

12 Jul

Traveling as a vegan can be tough but with a little extra effort and know-how you can visit anywhere in the world and have a great time.  Click through the slides to learn four great vegan traveling tips that will help you focus on the sights and not your stomach.

Websites like PETA and Happy Cow rank cities from around the globe that are vegan-friendly.  By utilizing these websites, you can plan a trip that can better fit your dietary needs.

Do as much prior planning as possible before embarking on your trip. This may entail scouting out vegan friendly restaurants, reading vegan travel blogs, and picking up a vegan travel guide. Knowing the resources available before traveling will cause less stress during your vacation.

When traveling you are certainly going to be caught in unexpected situations that put you away from vegan food sources. By carrying a stash of vegan friendly snacks, you can avoid eating foodstuffs that you are unsure about and prevent yourself from becoming famished.

Select menu items that can easily be converted to vegan. Some people may not know what vegan food is or how to make it so by customizing a menu item you can ensure that you are receiving a dish that meets your needs.

Written by Foodista


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